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Fast free universal wiki with e.g. 1 billion users

a startup idea shared by Simon Hardy-Francis on 10/28/2013

Problem: All multi-user wikis are server based (i.e.: bottleneck; slow) & therefore are costly to setup or to subscribe to, & don't scale to many users. Solution? Implement the wiki 99% browser-side using pure javascript; therefore no costly servers. So where do pages gets stored? Users login via e.g. Google account & store pages via e.g. Google Drive API (via client javascript). Upon edit an updated page copy is created on their e.g. Google Drive. How to lock pages during editing? A light-weight messaging service (the 1% outside the browser) something like e.g. would broker requests & also store the latest location of every wiki page. How can the universal wiki scale to e.g. one billion users? Storage is handled by freely available online storage already used by one billion users. Think of the light-weight messaging as what DNS is to web servers; very light-weight, cheap to run, and scalable. Why would the universal wiki be faster? Because there is no web server bottleneck; all wiki processing is done locally in the browser; one billion users is like have one billion CPUs :-P Revenue? Companies subscribe for e.g. access control.





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