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Find The Right School

a startup idea shared by Sathish Kumar on 04/14/2017

Independent research analysis states, around 20% population of any developing nation belongs to migrant category, i.e. they keep relocating between cities/countries along with family. One of the major challenge of this community has been to search for the best school in the new location. Even though Google provides this information to some extent, parents do not find a single consolidated site where this information is provided in a streamlined fashion. My idea is to develop a website portal, that enables parents to search schools, read reviews, post reviews, interact with other parents in the forum. Sites such as Zomato and Yelp followed similar business model for Restaurants and acheived great heights. I have fully developed a prototype and currently looking for Co-founders mostly developers, SEO specialist, content writers for my website.

School ERP

School Management

Search School

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Can Yücel co-founder istanbul
Sandesh nataraj Web Developer USA,Californa
Ryan Quoc Le Developer Vietnam
Nurul K SEO Marketing Strategist Singapore
Gurseerat Arora Web Developer New Delhi, India
Mostafa Sayed Technical Team Lead Egypt

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