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Find The Thai Cave Boys

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 07/22/2018

By integrating the acclerometers in the cell phone, and using the compass and gyro as backup and additional correction, and starting from a known-fixed GPS location outside the cave, phones worn by divers in waterproof bags could dead-reckon (XYZ) vectors to the Thai boys. By repeating this measurement many times, with each diver, the statistics could then take the noise out of the measurement. The (XYZ) location in meters could then be turned into the GPS location over the chamber where they are trapped. The app can be verified above ground by repeatedlyclimbing rocky hillsides and measuring GPS locations at begining and end. If this app were written, tested, posted, and blogged, it could get to the Thai rescuers, and each diver could be carrying it, getting one more data point on their 3D location.

3D location


dead reckoning


Thai boys


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