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a startup idea shared by Guita Gopalan on 07/07/2013

I hate shopping for clothes online and then having to return purchases because they don't fit well. 1. The reality is sizing isn't as standard as it should be! I'm a 42 with one brand and a 48 with another. Size Small here and an Extra Large with another manufacturer. It's frustrating! 2. It's such a hassle to memorize my body in cm/inches (especially when its always changing). That and whipping out a measuring tape while checking out What if users could take a front view and side view full body photo of themselves, upload it to a system which then matches your measurements with clothes (of the right size and cut) available online? Proposed solution: 1. User signs up online. User takes a photo of themselves (according to instructions) and uploads it to the site. 2. The site processes the photo and calculates the users body measurements. 3. The site comes back to the user with recommended clothing from online retailers.




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