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Rio Alif Ramzy shared this idea 5 years ago

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Forte - A Musician's Social Network

a startup idea shared by Rio Alif Ramzy on 01/21/2016

Being a musician is very fun. Getting closer to the music and actually becomes a part of it, taking part in a creative process, showing people what you can do and sparks people to follow the beat… those are the privileges of being a musician. However, if you want to go deeper, being a musician is not easy in the cruel music industry. People want to hear a well-shaped performance. That is why a group of musicians gather and form music group, like bands or vocal group. Then, a question emerges: where to start? Forte is a community-based social networking website which aims to help “solo flyers” in the musician’s world to ease them in forming a music group by connecting them to fellow musicians. Forte also provides information about music events and competitions to help amateur musicians to learn more about music and get coverage. Features: -Built-in social media platform for musicians -An extensive database of music-related events and competitions -Event-based challenges from Forte -High-quality articles about music -Collaboration with professional musicians and record labels via challenges, competitions, or courses



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