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a startup idea shared by Gordon James Campbell on 06/13/2013

Like people's eyes? how about their smile? do you dig tatts on the back? piercings on the nose? do you have a thing for feet? In this network you have a profile where you can upload photos for different parts of your body. You will never show people the hole picture. Show off you best features. And of course, find the feature you like. I'm thinking of 4 general areas: - main photos of the body parts - body art filtering - piercing filtering - workout area In each of these 4 areas you can see the main feature, which is: browse photos of specific parts of the body), plus extensive info and community focusing on the subject. Get ideas for you next tattoo, check out the perfect workout to get those killer abs... you get the idea. Body parts would include, for example: eyes, nose, mouth, neck, hair, back, arms, torso, legs, feet. And no nudity! keeping this clean. Anyway, been thinking of this idea for a while. I think it has an interesting reach for a particular public. "Join in, and meet every[body]"





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Gordon James Campbell Founder worldwide
Sufi Sheikhey Product Ideas Man Dubai, UAE.
Erik Gielstra Finance/Controlling Netherlands
Dre Co-owner + marketing leader (Everywhere)

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