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ATJ shared this idea 4 years ago

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From Physical currency to Digital currency.

a startup idea shared by ATJ on 03/26/2018

From using basic necessities such as food and meat as a currency to using gold, silver and copper as a currency until the current monetary system using bills as the currency, the form of money is changing and the time is ripe to start changing it to another.<br><br>We are now in a digital age and it is only right to start changing the form of money from physical to digital!<br>Of course, the first thing that will come up to your mind is &quot;Isn&apos;t this just Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies?&quot;.<br>Honestly, I don&apos;t know if we&apos;ll come up with another &quot;Cryptocurrency&quot;. I just know that hasty and incorrect way of introducing digital currencies to people will result to failure.<br><br>Yes, there are cons for this type of money but tell me something which doesn&apos;t have any?<br><br>Let&apos;s create the next form of currency.<br>If you are interested in changing our current currency, contact me at





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