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Erik Christensen shared this idea 3 years ago

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Gamers find missing people

a startup idea shared by Erik Christensen on 12/19/2018

Some of the people that disappears, does so, by getting lost in wilderness or large terrains. This is an issue worldwide not only because people disappear all around the world, but also because it demands a lot of man power and ressources to find these people again and even then it is not sure that they are found.<br><br>I&apos;ve thought about the idea of landscaping in games such as RDR2 and so on and thought it would be cool if they instead used drones to scan the environment, altitude and other nuances. From that step i saw the connection - Finding missing people by letting gamers search large quadrons in a software program a la open world ish. Basically digitalizing the process of finding. There are a lot of issues with the idea, but for now, i just wanted to share the idea since i thought it might have value to work on. <br><br>





Missing people

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