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Bodhisattya Dutta shared this idea 6 years ago

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Get paid for solving maths and improve ur marks

a startup idea shared by Bodhisattya Dutta on 03/28/2015

The problem all students face while studying is that there are no instant rewards.What if they were paid for studying? Now who would pay for them?here is the model Parents often make deals with their kids like' if you get good marks in your upcoming exam i will give you a new phone'.the problem with such offers is that although the student gets a lot of motivation for studying...on the long run all that motivation fades away.It doesnt work,a few days later he or she looses all the excitement for a prospective new phone.What i plan to do is- take money from the parents and keep them in our reserve.we will give the student problems and questions to solve and each of these question will carry a prize money.for solving each question the student will get paid in his own account.we will pay the student from the fund we created with his/her parents instant pocket money for the end of the day its a win win situation.the student gets financial support and at the same time improves his/her merit.So instead of offering a new phone,parents can spend money in another way to improve their kids academic performance.




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