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Git client for iPad

a startup idea shared by Sasmito Adibowo on 06/16/2012

There many git apps for regular computers that saves you from the command line. However options for the iPad is seriously lacking. Why? Likely because in iOS data are generally private to each application that manages it. But what if the data are on a server? For example you have this git repository on a Linux server that you also use for compiling and running the application. Sometimes you like to make some edits, a few commits, or even resolve merge conflicts between co-workers. You would like do this while you're on the road maybe don't have a place to sit down and put your laptop on your lap. An iPad is the best for use in these situations. Yes, yes, you could fire up ssh to run vim or emacs on the server and use command-line git. But if you bought an iPad, wouldn't you prefer some nice looking GUI interface? It'll saves you some typing and perhaps makes working with servers slightly more pleasant when you're chugging along at 80 Kph on a cross-country train with a spotty 3G connection? How about a Git shell that connects through ssh to your favorite server and doesn't make you wait between keystrokes when you're not on broadband? A real Git app that runs on your iPad.





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