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Global virtual factory service

a startup idea shared by Nikolay Ieltanskyi on 06/23/2019

Many factories have suppliers their materials, tools, units and mechanisms. Supplying all of the above mentioned depends from many factors. From availability material on the warehouse, from wear tool, from price and possibility to produce required amount. Every factory small or big must to build own logistic chain which bind to current technological process and many others factors in production. Every logistic chain similar with OOP model with objects, states and events, and individual is. For example, used instrument can has next life states: new, blunt, scrap, used. In depends from current tool state and warehouse capacity necessary to order new one or sharpen or continue to use.<br><br>Proposed firstly to create a global web service which will be mirror image current factory production flow and will solve logistics tasks self or substitute. Is known specification of this application and all their details.








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