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Global volunteers currency

a startup idea shared by Arnold Minde on 06/03/2013

Volunteers contributes billions of hours in the world annually, lets put numbers on them. Reputable organization around the world would issue credits on volunteers account based on time and efforts that were spent. Each volunteer account will have a history of transactions, detailing the activity performed, possibly with pictures and videos. What could the volunteers do with the credits? Volunteers balance could be used to indicate the level of their commitment to volunteerism, so they can use it in their CVs, etc. Also, volunteers could initiate volunteering activities, like cleaning-up a public place and offer their credits in exchange. The more credit a volunteer has give credence to their plight and make people take them more seriously when initiating such activities. To minimize fake transaction, all credit issuing organizations will be required to record activities that were performed for the credits to be issued. The log should be reasonably verifiable. When an individual transfers credits, he must detail the activities performed, and at least one reputable/verified local organization on ground will verify that the activity took place as described.


virtual currency


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