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Goal Hunter (Soccer - Football) App or Website

a startup idea shared by Huy Mai on 08/30/2018

People keep losing on betting on SOCCER (football) because they do not know about the odds and the situation of the match and what is the right market would help them win. I and my friend are expert with betting strategy, we can give signals WOULD THERE BE MORE GOALS COMING in the match. The platform is website based or application, GIVING SIGNALS by our BOT to subscribers by message or notifications. We need IT PROGRAMMER who is capable to work with: Data Analyst, Programming an TAUGHT BOT to execute the data 24/24, we will provide the STRATEGY of 80% winning rate. This job is complicated so we would highly appreciate those who familiar with betting, or bet365 or, we will receive data from them. FUND RAISER IS WELCOMING After the software or the application is done, we can get money from: OUR OWN BETS WITH ACCOUNTANT. OUR SUBSCRIPTION. OUR INVESTING AGENTS OR PERSONALS COMMISSION






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