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Grocery Delivery

a startup idea shared by steve ray on 05/29/2014

I'd like to make an app/website that is similar to Uber/Lyft, but with groceries. There are a lot of times where I need something from the grocery store, but have worked all day and don't feel like getting out and buying a few groceries. How convenient would it be to log into the app, select the nearest delivery agent and submit your grocery list? Users would browse items from the app and add them to their grocery list (with pictures to limit confusion). The agent would then receive a notification on his/her phone, choose whether or not to accept the job, then pick up the groceries on the list and make the delivery.





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Virag Desai Developer India
Steve Myers Android, server Florida USA
steve ray Founder Oklahoma, USA
Ivan Zdane iOS & Backend developer Guelph, Canada
Shreyans Jain Marketing and Promotion Dhanbad, India
Rahul Singh I am an IOS Developer and Thinker Bangalore, India
KAZAKY Android RockStar, Regional Manager Egypt
Tŕôzàŋ Gôüd co-founder, marketing hyderabad
ayush vijay Developer India
Nilesh Mane I can set this up in India. Pune India
Rishi Ranka Software Engineer / Business Development San Jose
AsishYakthungba Luxom UI designer, complete graphics solution Pune, India
Sarah AlFaisal System analyst Jeddah
Susmit Bhamare Developer , Ideas Nasik , Maharashtra

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