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Health Care Market Place (Medicine & Lab Test)

a startup idea shared by Kawsar Alam on 11/04/2018

Hello Everyone, I would like to develop an application for the patience/customer who requires to purchase Medicine via prescription or wants to perform a Lab Test with or without prescription. The model is kind of Auction. Pharmacies/Drugstore will be registered with the application to sell the medicine and Patience/Customer will upload their Prescription to check the market price. After receiving a new prescription, every registered pharmacy will get a chance to offer price for the prescribed medicine. Then customer/patients can see all the prices have been offered; then they can purchase with the option PURCHASE AND COLLECT or PURCHASE AND ARRANGE DELIVERY. Same goes for the Lab test as well. I think this kind of startup will work in developing counties such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. Because in these countries in average 60-70% people visit private doctor/hospital, and they pay for their doctor visit, medicine & Lab test. And mobile internet penetration is also increasing day by day. Kindly share your valuable feedback, if you have seen anything like this working anywhere.


Healthcare marketplace

Medicine Delivery

Online Pharmacy

Pharmacy mobile app

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cherif Sy DevOps Eng and passionate about Healthcare Startup Washington, DC
um_brat iOS Dev with Pharmacy Knowledge San Francisco, CA
Brandi I can help with investing, development, marketing. Albuquerque, NM
safia tah Software Developer Canada
Prabhu Vemuri Software Developer, Investor Philadelphia, PA
davy john Operations Chennai
Diane Jewett Software Developer, Tech Manager Atlanta, GA
Himanshu Vaghela UI/UX Designer Ahmadabad,Gujarat,India
Sachin Kajrolkar marketing strategies, user growth/ retention Mumbai
Jitheesh Emmanuel Developer(Ionic Framework,Python,PHP,Front-End) Kerala,India
Eng Abdulaziz Momba Promotion Manager Tanzania
mohammad namdar executive manager&marketing iran
Abhilash Gupta Android Developer India
Henry Otuadinma Full-stack Software Developer Abuja, Nigeria
Santosh Kumar Healthcare Expert Bangalore
Nitin Sachdeva Operations and growth Gurgaon India

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