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Help choosing career / work / occupation

a startup idea shared by perspective on 01/05/2012

I think most of people have real problem while choosing career or life path. The site would help to make decision. In a nutshell - idea is that there will be two types of users - ones who seeks for advice and those who will help to make decision. In order to get career advice you will have to choose three activities which you love to do. Based on your chosen activities others will offer what possible career path you could choose.

help choose career


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Zdenek Laznicka experience with finding the right work for people Czech Republic, Prague
Asif Web/UI Development India
Alin Gebescu business analysis, project management bucharest-romania
Huw Robinson Marketing/Advertising Queensland, Australia
Noor Syed Developer Chicago
Alexander Håkansson Back-end Developer Sweden
Ranjan Shukla Product development Delhi, India
Ryan Lord launch in my country corfu,greece
Ahmed Suljić Devloper, UI Design, Launch in my country (BiH) Bosnia&Herzegovina
Ani Popova Front-end developer, psychology, counseling Canada
saranga rao Backend Developer Bangalore
Eliana C.T. UX and graphic design, Launch in my country Spain
Rema Mudit Vaish BI Consultant Dubai, UAE

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