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a startup idea shared by Sucharita Chowdary P on 05/11/2014

The idea is to create a mentor finding for individuals who are looking personalized mentors. Why this idea is awesome? Everybody in life wants to - Get Rich -See their promotions in careers -Get inspired -Become highly productive and star performer in their industry -Become fall in love with life every day -Wants to earn money with their skill sets. So, If a problem or help needed, who do you turn to ? - A friendly but firm leader who support me -- but call me out when I am not living up to my own standards. (When is the last time you have someone like this for you?) -Being held accountable. (Each day or week or month,I have to report what I committed to the previous month, what I accomplished, and sometimes explain why I DIDN'T do what I said I would do -- to my mentor, so that he can build a system for me to achieve my goals. How can both communicate? Individuals and mentors communicate via different means of communication such as : -Online video chat using a platforms like,Skype,Lync etc. -Phone chat -E-Mail chat -Training programs -Mentoring workshops online -In person communication


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Krzysztof Sikorski Developer/App Creator Szczecin, Poland
Mika L Biz Dev, project manager Finland
Samir Joglekar Software development and engineering Pune, Maharashtra, India
Shantesh Verma Business Development, Market research Chennai, India

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