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Home Medical Analysis System

a startup idea shared by Jason Petefish on 01/26/2013

Problem: Most human beings have little clue about their own bodily functions, how organs function and why, and what the body needs on a daily basis to live well. Solution: Imagine an in-home system that helps humans "analyze" their entire physiology and make recommendations on an intelligent preventative lifestyle that harnesses all the current medical knowledge available over the internet. Such a system brings the "future" of preventative medical care to home, in an atmosphere that is routine, thorough, and accurate, that prolongs life for humans. Future systems application would include much broader, whole body analysis on all levels that range from disease prevention and healthy lifestyle maximization based on the user's benchmarked physiology. Such a system would be tied into the current medical knowledge-base that brings the latest medical information to the user's home, that is not only recommends pharmaceutical remedy, but, moreso and primarily diet and food sources tailored specifically to the individual's unique bodily function.







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