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Fauzi Rachman shared this idea 3 years ago

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How Technology Can Help Your Weekend

a startup idea shared by Fauzi Rachman on 01/14/2018

Peoples wanted to relax over the weekend, play with kids, lovely time with your b/g-friend, but the reality speaks opposite, laundry are pilling, groceries still in a list, hiking canceled because of heavy rain, pipes are leaking, etc. No matter who you are, husband, parent, single. Somehow you need to clear all of those before you can enjoy the day, or at least manage it to your preference. Utilizing an app which has Artificial Intelligent capability to predict, suggest and remind your to-do for the weekend. It's not virtual assistant; it's your activity assistant. You might be using Evernote, Todoist, or some other tools to record your to do, but with this centralized platform, you can easily import your to-dos or activity and let the A.I understand you with some data, and it will learn according to your routine. Once it learnt you routine, it will suggest and remind, based on your to do and Internet information, such as weather forecast, shopping deals, exchange rate, e-commerce site, etc.

Artificial Intelligent

Deep Learning

personal assistant

Predictive System

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