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Hybrid Car

a startup idea shared by Alakes Guchhait on 02/21/2016

Fuel and pollution is major concern of us today.We have now electric car driven by charged battery.However battery can't easily provide high starting torque or power stroke when car is on upward slope/bumpy road/rough terrain.On contrast 4 stroke engine are only efficient when operated at designed speed uninterruptedly.At slow speed/consecutive brakes it is less efficient and pollute more. The net heat efficiency of a 4 stroke engine is much much less than a DG. If we design a future car that combine DG,Battery Back up and DC Series Motor such a way we charge battery when car is idle,run the DC motor through battery and the motor rotates the axle of the car. When battery depleted, DG will start and feed it.The generator also start when power stroke is required. In addition we place solar roof top panel on car to charge battery, run ac/sound system when on run.We can run DG in most efficient way rather than a 4 strike engine. DC series motor run the car like traction. Weight of car & incorporating all things in small car is a major concern. But this challenge is acceptable considering our future. Govt must come forward to encourage the idea. First we should work with some prototype.

Battery Back up


DC Series Motor

Diesel Generator

Hybrid car

Power Stroke

Solar Roof top Panel



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