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a startup idea shared by David Bray on 03/19/2014

In my opinion, in today’s world the "Land of Business Opportunity" isn't a fixed country or a particular spot on a map. Our world is becoming ever-more-connected and opportunity is wherever you want it to be. I have created an on-line business platform (about 80% - 85% done) for local businesses that will allow them to collaborate with foreign markets using a wide variety of tools and features. European countries are beginning to look for opportunities in other markets as is South America. Who’s to say that a business idea in Germany wouldn’t work in Brazil with the right people involved? Canada, the United States, Australia are among a few countries with great small to medium size businesses wanting to find a way to expand. – Businesses Beyond Borders is a way to communicate and collaborate. Having said all that, I’m looking for proposals from interested parties to assist with the administration. Please note! This is not forum software; it is a full blown website. You can reach me at the email in my profile. Thank you for your time.

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on-line business

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