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Increase Solar Power in Texas!

a startup idea shared by Chris Fornesa on 08/03/2013

I live near the city of Houston which is considered the world's energy capital and it's also ranks second in terms of having the most headquarters of any city in the country. But Texas is also a hot, sunny place most times of the year! We have the 4th most sunny days on average compared to other states but we're also the second largest state in terms of land area (and population as well). Already, Texas produces more wind energy than another other state, why not solar? Texas produces more oil than other OPEC countries, but most of that oil is going towards the energy sector when they could easily be used to create more medicine and other products that don't harm the environment to the same degree. We need to urge the energy lobby to switch to renewable sources of energy, the wind will never run out (especially here in Texas) and the sun will always shine! We'll be doing good for the planet and for the economy. As the energy sector accepts renewable energy sources, improvements in harvesting the sun, as well as the wind, will help increase profits in the long run! It's profitable, sensible, and necessary! Let's get to it!

renewable energy

solar power


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