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Indian Chai For 1 Rupee

a startup idea shared by Jay Gaokar on 11/20/2016

Tea Or Chai Is Favorite Refreshing Drink Of India.Its A Drink Of Masses.Popularly Known As Cutting Chai.Be It Meeting,Or Hangout,Its Going To Be Chai Ho Jaaye. But Now A Days The Cost Of Favorite Is Increasing And Also Quality Is Decreasing. Idea Here Is To Provide Tea For 1 Rupee Ie Chai Sirf Ek Rupaiye Mein,Also With Quality To Masses.Also Target Are Offices And Corporate. Plan Is To Start From Mumbai And Near By Industrial And Corporate Areas Where Good Quality Branded Tea Is Provided. I have Got he Break Up Of Cost How Good Quality Tea Can Be Provided For 1 Rupee And That To With Profit.Also There Will Be Dedicated App For Online Ordering Of Tea With Healthy Snacks. Looking To Hear From You.

Tea One Rupee

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Umesh Chandra I ll do marketing Hyderabad
Akshit Kothari Android Developer Ahmedabad
Narinder Kullar Owner/ project developer England
Sparsh Dixit Advertising, in other states+ medical support Agra
Rishav Kumar marketing kolkata
Rahul Pawar Marketing Pune

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