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Inner World

a startup idea shared by Zvonimir Peran on 01/13/2016

People are lazy to make a commitment to solve their inner problems and work on their self improvment. Even if they get some desire, they rather choose to look for quick fix rather than try to make some comprehensive approach to their problem, especially if it is about something that is not apparent at first glance. For example, someone can have a desire to have a long term relationship, but still be constantly failing to get some, and actually without being able to recognize underlying patterns that keep him back. My idea to help solving this kind of a problems is to make an app that will teach this stuff by giving lessons periodically, always at the same time of a week. For example, user chooses that he wants lessons on romantic relationships two times a week, let's say on Monday and Wednesday at 20 p.m, for period of 60 days. App should raise alarm and take user to website where his lesson is located.. These lessons would be articles or blogs carefully choosen by developers. There would be a few areas like romantic relationships, friendships, and possibly spirituality and maybe something else.




self improvment

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