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Inteligent information browser

a startup idea shared by TheDarkAnhell . on 01/23/2015

Sometimes we just want to know a certain "thing" about a certain person, organization or field. Or even more often, we want to gather some information about something and we find ourselfs lurking through internet searchers and writting down information that could perfectly be displayed to us directly in about 7 lines. What I am propousing here is a mobile app (and or website) that works for us, gathering information about the desired topic and displaying it to us on the screen. The user could choose between what kind of information he wants for that question/subject, and the app would get it for him. The internet contains almost any information about the human knowledge, why not make it even easier to access? Just to clarify, I'm not saying "let's make another google". This app would show you the information formated to the user, not bring you millions of links with pages with that word on it. I'm willing to start this proyect with people on this website and - maybe- outside of it. So feel free to join and we'll see if you fit!







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