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Intelligent Financial Advice for Average People

a startup idea shared by Alex Wallish on 01/20/2018

A personal finance app for lower income people. The core feature of the application would be an intelligent system trained by a large financial dataset which will help lower income people determine how to allocate their money for best chances of financial success. When signing up a user would provide current financial stats, projected income, bills they need to pay, etc.. They will also upload their goals, (for example, a goal could be, have $5000 in bank by December to by my son a car). Users will always be able to check their projected chances of reaching a goal. Users will be able to upload receipts, pay checks, bills directly to the app, and it will automatically readjust budgets and create a new projected chance of success. They can also ask the app to reassess the chances of success if they were to make a certain financial decision before they do it. Ie, ask the app to reevaluate their financial outlook if they were to purchase a $300 tv today. There are a lot of financial planning apps for the wealthy, but few for the poor and middle class. This app is currently under development. I appreciate any advice. if you are interested in joining.




machine learning


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Jay Movaliya MJ Android Developer or can do machine learning Anand, Gujarat,India
Dusan Kekovic Flexible, sounds like a viable idea Italy, Milan
Kishor Shrivastav Investments & Stratgic Collaborations Mumbai, India
Pradnya Mutha Android developer, Machine learning, Java develope Pune, India

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