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Interactive historical map

a startup idea shared by Pankaj Jain on 11/04/2015

The idea is to combine two existing systems to develop a unique new feature on web. 1) Map - Most interactive map today is google map. You can go to any location, find routes, zoom in and out, watch location in 3d and much more. 2) Timeline - There are many timelines available on web, some like Facebook while others like timeline of religion. Most of the one related to history are generally static images or at most some text embedded in a horizontal or vertical scroller IDEA The idea is to combine both and create a TIMELINE MAP. Obviously its not possible for any individual or group of individuals to create such a map. The solution would be to allow users add data, draw on map for boundaries of empires at a point of time. Add tags and so on. VISUALIZATION The map be exactly like google map but with additional tool like zoom-in/out time-up/down which enables the user to scroll through time and check any portion of map on any scale to know who ruled there, what was significant event that happened at that time or which battle took place. Let me know, if you are interested to work on such a project.





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