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Interest Based Social Network

a startup idea shared by Sameeh Ahmed on 03/11/2018

Commencement of college in a new city I had a problem to find people to play football with. Similarly I couldn't find UI/UX designers in my college to work on a project. These problems can be solved on Facebook Groups?FB is a platform to connect you with people you know.[send friend request to a few strangers and your account gets blocked] "Meetup"? profiles will only have information about groups person is a part of. Can't see their work. This is the gap I am focusing on. My solution involves something similar to a user browses through profiles, see the content generated by them and based on that chose to connect with when you see a good photography page on Instagram you know this person clicks good photos. By the content and number of followers. Similarly you will know how good a person is, in say any sport or music or any activity in general. It's been a year since I've researched on this. I have made screens to make it clearer for people.Market research done for perfect way to start small and scale. I work on PHP I need someone to work with on the web app. Already have an Android developer on board If you're really interested in the idea. Hit me up.


interest based social network

social network


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Pol Marín Morón Web deveoper Barcelona
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