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Internet Puppeteering Engine

a startup idea shared by Sasmito Adibowo on 04/30/2012

Since Google have pretty much dumped a lot of content farms from their Panda release, we'll need the next "big thing" on greyhat SEO techniques to successfully gain visibility of our new ventures. Furthermore, it looks like Google is starting to score social involvement in its page rankings, visible from how it displays those parameters in Analytis. In other words, Google may be counting links from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc when calculating its page rankings. I propose having an army of internet drones that can be commanded to "talk" about a web page or promote a page among themselves and their immediate human peers (those gullible enough to not know that they're friending a bot) to promote a site in the search engines. These drones are a set of internet "personas" that have facebook, twitter, quora, and other social networking sites and are somewhat actively involved in those social networking sites. They will make a certain low number of "idle" posts by default, but can be commanded to talk about a site or a topic when the need arises. This idea is a pretty common theme in the field of high frequency trading & we're bringing it to Internet Marketing.


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