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Job searching brought to the new age.

a startup idea shared by Dustin Markey on 01/03/2014

I believe job searching is flat out boring. The company I work for has buildings that have a 95% turnover rate. This is mainly because people have no idea what their getting into. I want to eliminate that. I imagine the future of job hunting will be jumping online, searching for a job, and seeing a short 30 second to 1 minute video of people doing the job. Not only will you see the environment, you can see some of the people. The video is meant to just be a sneak peek. Videos can be tailored to each company. I imagine an engaged job seeker. The seeker will can get a glimpse enough to say, yes that looks like something I can do or possibly say, no way. Benefits employers because they don't waste time and resources on people who come in and get hired, the walk out because its not what they read online. Ever hear the old saying, don't tell me, show me?

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job searching


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