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a startup idea shared by Kerry Mark Blackman, Esq., on 05/28/2015

The problem: You go to a bar, nite club or restaurant and the place is completely empty; no fun at all. Or you go and it's just so crowded that there's a line out-the-door and you'll never get in or get a table or seat at the bar. Or the cover charge is just too much. Or you'd rather just watch the goings on there virtually, in a private, perhaps more intimate, setting. Enter the "Know Before You Go" livestream website aggregator/search engine of high-quality webcam from bars, nite clubs, restaurants, etc. The livestreams would be accessible by visitors to our site for free. The establishments/venues would pay membership fees to be included on our site. The livestreams on our site would be listed/displayed and searchable by establishment category, zip code location or establishment name. There is software on the market that can do the livestreaming from any laptop and there's both free and reasonably priced paid versions which the venues could use.

live stream

live streams


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