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learn form your friends

a startup idea shared by Edwine Jules on 03/16/2013

In today’s world where social media is used consistently, Learn from Your Friends would provide a collection of stories with the purpose that the reader would learn what to do or what not to do when put in the same situation. <br><br>Each user contributes to the site and submits their stories whether it is related to sports, health, business, education, relationships and so on with the purpose of hopefully preventing a user (Friends) from the same fate that they were tangled in. <br><br>Subsequently, each user (Friends) can offer advice to the original poster. Each advice can be rated according to their helpfulness with the highest weekly rated advice being featured on the website’s home page.<br>








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Craig Lappin-Smith Designer, SEO Singapore
Troy Nguyen Software Engineer Vietnam
Saif Ullah Sajid I can help you upload it on my Play Store account Peshawar, Pakistan

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