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Learn word a day - educational widget

a startup idea shared by Stefan Kucej on 12/02/2012

It is Educational application widget for your smart mobile phone - Do you want to learn English, Spanish, Italian, Czech words or some kind of special dictionary (foreign words, law terms, Fauna and Flora terms and many other upgrades) You can only choose what kind of words you want to learn.%0a%0aEverybody have a smart mobile phones and sometimes you only watching on your mobile phone and thinking "what app i would like to start"? You watching on 1st page on weather widget and other apps, but its not educational, there is no value added, so make the most of your watching.%0a%0aThis app can learn you a word a day, or you can choose 2words a day, so for a year you can learn over 700 new words or terms - so its amazing!!! You can not open this app, its widget like a weather widget, this is value added.




mobile app




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Jordan iOS Developer Georgia
Ebtihaj Khan Graphics designer UX/UI Pakistan

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