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Let Me Listen

a startup idea shared by Geoff Buchanan on 12/16/2013

Ever wonder what your friends are listening to on their iPod/iPhone/Android ? What if we had an app that connected to your music player and would share what you're listening to to your contacts you've added on your Let Me Listen app via wifi or your data plan. Your contacts would actually be able to hear and see what your listening to in real time. - If you are listening to something and do not want it to be shared, you could toggle a ''mute'' / hide feature. - want to know more about a certain artist that a friend is listening to? There could be a ''show more'' option which searches the artist's bio and discography. - you could ''snapshot'' a certain artist or song to download off of iTunes, Beatport, Spotify etc. or to download/purchase later (if applicable). - you could share a certain song with any contact. They would then be able to listen to it and be given the option to purchase/download (if applicable). I have many ideas for this, however I would need a web developer and programmer to team up with and brainstorm, discuss other possibilities and solutions.







mobile music


music player

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