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LinkedIn for Bootcamp student

a startup idea shared by Devin Jackson on 11/19/2016

For a long time I have heard the myth that there are no entry level in software development especially for bootcamp students. This is far from the truth. The problem is that employers don't have the ability to judge students on more than a quick intro at the bootcamp's final project fair. Disciple Jobs aims to be the hub and connecting network for bootcamp students and entry level employers. Students can post journal entries about what they're learning everyday and post github projects. Posting journal entries and committing to github class projects will give students points adding a gamification aspect. Employers will also be able to create code challenges like HackerRank (or choose from pre-made ones) and circulate them throughout the student community creating a sort of bait-and-fish tactic for finding qualified candidates.

students entry-level jobs bootcamp linkedin software employers

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