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Liquid System To Control ISO Document in Company

a startup idea shared by Aswin Sasmita on 11/26/2015

Almost all companies & organizations apply standards ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) where all activities must be recorded. To run it some use ERP systems and supported by a lot of reports in hardcopy. Problem: 1. ERP tend to be expensive, inflexible, much additional indirect costs after implementation. 2. Data and supporting records are usually stored in hardcopy. Solution: Creating a database system where certain admin user (non IT Staff) can create and edit their own basic form. Other users can only fill or read data. Users also do not need to create and make the relationships between databases, they just set the relation between their form. How to: I'll try to explain a little detail as simple as possible flow process to open the data record. 1. Open blank Form. 2. Load forms shape form (location of the tool and its properties (font, size, etc)) from the database. 3. Load data from the database and input to the tool (Textboxt, Label, Table, etc). This system would involve insane coding and data mining. I've tried to make in VB (2010). It took me forever just to create and control the only textbox and store them in a database, then load the form.

Database System Liquid Paperless Company ISO ERP Document

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