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Local meal suggestions based on macros

a startup idea shared by Seb Houde on 05/05/2017

You can't out-train a bad diet. MyFitnessPal is an amazing way to enter your nutrition macro goals (cal. / p / c / f), but very difficult to plan the daily meals to match it (unless you pre-plan the entire day). When looking for a quick meal at a restaurant, I often find myself looking through the nutrition guides of the local places for any meal that will match. I would love to see an app that could suggest meals that will match your entered macros based on your coordinates. Could even work in conjunction with MyFitnessPal. (Example: Wendy's 1.5km away: grilled chicken sandwich & baked potato = 480 cal., 36 p./ 70 c. / 8 f.) Not looking to create an app




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