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Machine Learning in Sports forecasting

a startup idea shared by Michael Gow, BSc., PGDip. on 07/12/2017

People are looking for different methods of investment, from currency exchanges to buying companies’ shares and trading futures. All these methods share one major flaw – already heavily applied Machine Learning and prediction models damaged these markets so severely, that it is almost impossible for the small and middle-size investor (who have a couple of thousands of dollars) to make a profit. Sports forecasting is different – results of sporting events cannot be skewed by any number of subjects (bettors) operating on the market. The match will end exactly the same no matter how many people bets on which team. And the results can be predicted with extreme accuracy: I already have Machine Learning model which is able to predict Soccer results with over 80% accuracy, and it indeed makes a profit (for leagues I have data about). The same modelling technique can be applied to any sport… All is needed is constant flow of statistical sports data… Already achieved 80% accuracy on sports market actually gives higher profit than any above-mentioned investment method.

Artificial Intelligence

big data


machine learning

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