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Magic Duel HTML5 Game

a startup idea shared by Tomas Dostal on 02/27/2013

Relatively small and fun project with big potential. I would like to create an HTML5 game where people can participate in magic duels. It is not turn-by-turn game or card game. This would be real-time game where people really have to have the skills to win. The attacks and defenses (and all other spells) are called by combination of elements in control. You must remember what combination each spell is as well as effect of that spell and react in real-time. That means this game will train your memory, reflexes and you will have a lots of fun. NOTE: The game will be offered for FREE in full version as a web application and for small fee as a native mobile application.






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Tomas Dostal Founder & Developer Beijing
MiguelB web - Mobile Developer Mexico
shahzaib zafar web developer karachi
Akin Ocal Developer England
Thoma Ryan coder indonesia
Sreekanth Manathamthodiyil Developer India
Maxim Mezheninov Developer Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
Akol William Jr. coder kampala

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