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Make Generosity a lot of Fun

a startup idea shared by Shobhit Dixit on 01/27/2016

Make a Dare based app. Users can choose to do a simple dare, or nominate their friends/colleagues/family to show their support for a particular cause. The app allows users to donate funds for the Non Profit by choosing an "specific action based donation" to get users onboard. Problem: 1. Providing a better way to generate leads to expand donor pool for NGO's. 2. Develop an efficient way to keep current donor base engaged with an NGO 3. Dilute the opaque structure of Non Profits with respect to how they use donation funds. How will this App Help: 1. Show support for their favorite good cause by doing a dare 2. Have the opportunity to donate for the cause 3. Easily nominate others to do the dare 4. Get to see your friends/family/famous celebrities in a funny/compromising position. How will this make things easier: 1. A Popular aggregator for Non-Profit causes online 2. Gamification model to support charity. 3. One stop to see how Nonprofits are contributing to their community. 4. Actionable donations for donors to choose how the funds donated will be used. Prototype:


Non Profit

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