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Make separate documents from communication

a startup idea shared by Ajay Minhas on 03/23/2015

We all use MS Outlook and other email programs in which when office communications (emails) happens the chain email gets long and long sometime 15–20 page long. In this it is difficult to track who said what in what part of the mail, which again remains in the mail and each time you have to open that email browser through all that content to refer to that part of the mail to know who said what. I want to develop a software in which when such mail chain happens – the program automatically scrutinize and separates the message (information) of each sender and its instances in the mail and create a document of all messages of the sender in that mail to form a single document for that sender without the messages of other senders. It will help us read and study what sender has said in the entire mail chain and we need not go to each instance of his/her message to find out info. in the email chain. The page will be a document for the sender. It will create a document or email or message based on the instance of the email chain which could be reusable in various formats and sources My program (software) will create such document for any type of communication

communication software



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