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Map based job Search

a startup idea shared by Startups Buddy on 02/24/2016

Problem: 1. job seeker can get job from far flung will increase his / her expenses with respect to shifting of furniture and goods for relocation. 2. Employer also get the job seeker using job search website from oukskirts or different zone from world,that will increase cost to the company for relocating the job seeker. Solutions: 1. With Map based search engine the job seeker and employer will get or match there requirement in there zone first ,eg the site will start searching cum matching of employee or employer requirement filled by them by eg: 1st phase in "5miles" diameter then move on in the same process till get the right matching for both. technologies involved: gps,internet,mobile,pc etc Please share your advise if like to join as investor ,partner ?







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Quản Gia Tổng investor Viet nam
Ismail Bagnied developer Egypt
Nurul K developer Singapore
Angan Sen Development(Mobile and Backend) India, Bangalore
Stephanie Flores Process Engineer United States
satyanarayan mishra UI Developer and DB designer Bangalore

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