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a startup idea shared by Daksh Varshneya on 09/20/2014

Consider a locality which is a bubbling locality for newcomers to the city. What do you do if you fall sick or need to consult a doctor in case of an emergency? MedAssist can be a webapplication or mobile application which would consist of a database of doctors and medical centres near the place where you currently are. These doctors can be filtered on the basis of what ailment you want to consult a doctor for. Once you have a list of doctors you can select any one of them on the basis of user reviews and ratings. Also, there could be a feature to fix an appointment with the doctor beforehand so that you do not have to wait in the queue. How feasible is the idea guys? Anyone interested to work on it is welcome :)

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health care

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Ajit Choudhary Developer Jaipur India
Ashish Adavatiya Project Planning and Execution Ahmedabad, India
Okorie Ikenna I have this same idea and looking for a cofounder Nigeria

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