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a startup idea shared by Dave Scotford on 03/16/2016

Millions of people across the world take medication on a daily basis. There are apps out there that give you push notifications or SMS reminder services - but they all have a flaw. Existing reminder options require user input and if that user forgets to update the system in line with changes to their prescription, then medication reminders aren't relevant to their required medical routine. MediDay aims to solve that problem. MediDay is a web based application that 'plugs into' doctor or pharmacy systems to enable medication reminders to be sent to patients by SMS, email and/or push notifications. This means doses of medication aren't missed, appointments with doctors aren't missed and the correct medication is taken at the right time. This could be licenceed to doctors or medical groups and given free to patients, and/or the other way around. I would be interested in hearing from anyone interested in the project! Feel free to communicate on this idea page or email me: davidjscotford(at) Thanks for reading - let's make sure people never miss taking their medication ever again.







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Naveed Shah Developer and can work to analyze the solution Pakistan
Suyin Kee Business Development/ Product Strategy Sydney
Greg Owens Web Developer,, database architect, c# developer Nevada, USA

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