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Meet new best friends, no relationship

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 11/14/2016

There are meetup apps and groups on Facebook to find new friends. But this doesn’t fit everyone. It’s not so easy to find someone to have a coffee with without being in a big group. <br>I suggest a meet new friends app for everyone who wants to meet new people and have a chat. The target age-group are big and should be 30-60 years rather than 15.<br>Not to find a new relationship or to have sex. Just friendship.<br>The app could be just like a dating app, but only with nice pictures…and the pictures are not that important if you are only looking for a friend.<br>If you are married and maybe new in town, looking for new friends, you don’t want to join a dating app. You want to find someone with similar interests, maybe for a glass of wine, cup of coffee, shopping, walking or movies.<br>I have only found one similar app, Hey! Vina, but I think it’s too simple for me. The Meetup app feels too organized for me.<br>Maybe separate apps for women and men?<br>What do you think? Maybe its already out there? Have I missed it?<br>

Friends meetup

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