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MeMarket: Trade your time

a startup idea shared by Andy Hickey on 05/06/2015

A location-based web and app-based application that allows users to enter in the skills they possess and the skills and expertise that they require. The system would use a virutal currency/points system that means that once you have give, say, 3 hours of your time mowing the lawn, fixing the computer or helping to improve the Spanish speaking skills of another user nearby you, you can acquire the time of any user who is offering something that you need. The necessity of giving first puts community spirit front and centre, and a two way points transaction and reference system allows for integrity in all interactions and keeps people safe. A sort of community-spirited ebay, users who just want to volunteer and want nothing in return could donate their points to charitable or community organisations so that they can 'buy' the time of other users. The system works on the basis that the value of a person's time is not measured by their qualifications but by the positive impact on the person benefiting from their time and expertise. The model useful to anyone who has skills or time gaps in their life and has skills that they could offer to others- which is pretty much everyone!





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