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Methodology for measuring career happiness

a startup idea shared by Sasmito Adibowo on 06/10/2012

You need money up to a certain level and from then on marginal increases in financial wealth have increasingly diminishing positive impact to your happiness level. Yes, Abraham Maslow discovered this and this have been re-proven by many experimenters like Dan Ariely and Dan Pink. It would be great if there is a framework for objectively assessing and measuring and finally come into a conclusion whether you should continue on your career or seek another path for your own advancement and mental well-being. The framework then should also help in making a well-informed decision on which step to go next. I've been toying on a variation of BCG's Growth-Share Matrix as a method for assessing how money and happiness correlates in your job. Ideally things like this should be pluggable to a more comprehensive framework like the balanced scorecard.




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