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Minimalize vehicle crimes by people's experience

a startup idea shared by Antonius Mondong on 05/04/2015

There are always new kind of modus that people use to commit a crime against vehicle. I live in indonesia, where the level of poverty are high. Crimes to vehicle are everywhere Whether it is a crime to a parking car, or a moving car. Whether it is a small or huge crime. What if we create a company with a website/app that gathers people's experience, with a like button on it so we can see how many people are related to that, so we can get a sight of new vehicle crime modus out there, and we try to create a product/technology to prevent that from happening, and if the product sells well, we split the profit with them or give a royalty. First we can start by creating a simple product such as a finger print scanner behind the steering wheel to unlock the tire, or anything to get people to know us, and then we gather people's experience and build on it. Might take times and I know this is hard and we need brilliant ideas, crazy scientist, skilled engineer, and all, but if we target the product to countries with high vehicle crimes rate, we can make this happen, then maybe we'll expand into crimes modus other than vehicle. I'm open to people's thought and idea to actually make this work






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