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Missed Call As An Alternative to OTP

a startup idea shared by Rahul on 08/16/2013

Over the time we have seen there were several protocols introduced over web for customer identity verification OR human verification. <br><br>The most famous were Captcha and SMS One Time Password based verification. But these solutions do not just have loop holes but at the same time are costly too ( as the normal sms sending costs about 1-5 Cents per sms )<br><br>So the overall idea is to build a Missed call based alternative to OTP and Captcha ( which would not just help in building a cleaner and trusted user-base but would be cost effective too, resulting in 85-90% cost cutting for SMBs )

alternative to captcha

alternative to OTP

missed call telephony

missed call to verify

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Achyut Joshi Marketing and Developer Jodhpur
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