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Monthly consumer billing quick and easy

a startup idea shared by Rowan Gontier on 08/11/2016

Current situation: Monthly consumer bills are handled in two major ways- · Debit orders. · People pay their account after they receive a bill. There are various ways for people to pay, including EFT, and other payment gateways. The problem: Many people don't trust debit orders, and they find it a hassle to pay individual accounts. Possible solution: It seems that a convenient way to solve the problem, is to operate on a debit REQUEST, with an efficient payment interface. The consumer receives notifications of payment requests, and then selects to pay/ decline/ question an amount within an App. The consumer could also select "Pay all", which would automatically pay all outstanding bills that are selected. The payment method could be Visa/ Mastercard/ gateway. The consumer configures the app by entering his or her payment details, and then future payments are made with this info. The consumer App could show outstanding bills, and past payments. The app could also show the invoice for each bill. The company requesting payment could do so via an API/ web interface. When payment is made, their records could be updated.



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